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12/10/10 Meeting of the Balkan tribological association Managing Committee - 15.09.2010

From 13 to 16 September 2010 in Sozopol, Bulgaria, the International Jubilee Conference of the Faculty of Machine Technology at the Technical University of Sofia was held.

A new Section "Tribology and Tribotechnologies" was formed in the frame of the Conference. Except the paper presentations, the Program of this Section envisages to hold a Meeting of the Managing Committee of the Balkan Tribological Association (BTA).

The schedule of the Balkan Tribological Association Managing Committee meeting included:

  • Discussion on the proposal for establishing a "College for experts of the Balkan Tribological Association" for the needs of South-East European countries;

  • Proposals of the BTA member-countries for awarding a honorary academic degrees of the Interdisciplinary Civil Academy (Bulgaria) to eminent tribologists;

  • Founding a Scientific Expert Tribological Council of the Balkan Tribological Association to the Interdisciplinary Civil Academy;

  • Miscellaneous.

At the meeting, chaired by the President of BTA prof. Mara Kandeva, following decisions were made:

  • The BTA create International Academic School BALKANTRIB as a branch of the Interdisciplinary Civil Academy INGA, with abbreviation MASH-BALKANTRIB-INGA. The subject of activity of the School should be:

- preparation of highly qualified and technical specialists in tribology,

- preparation of academic specialists, teachers and research in tribology and

- informational, organizational and scientific-methodological activity related to the development of highly qualified engineering and academic specialists for needs of the civil society.

  • The Management of the School has three members:

- Assoc. prof. dr Mara Kandeva, Director,

- Assoc. prof. dr Emilia Assenova, Mediator and

- Assoc. prof. dr Nikola Tonchev, Vice director.

  • The main office and address of the School are:

- 5A Slavinska Str., Sofia 1000, Bulgaria.

During particularly meeting of the Balkan Tribological Association the next distinguish Balkan tribologists have got awards HONORARY DIPLOMA and MEDAL from the International Civil Academy for the significant contribution to the organizing, development and success of the Balkan Tribological Association and BALKANTRIB:

  • Prof. dr Miroslav Babić, Serbia;

  • Prof. dr Niculae N. Antonescu, Romania;

  • Prof. dr Andrei Tudor, Romania;

  • Prof. dr Slavi Ivanov, Bulgaria;

  • Prof. dr Hakan Kaleli, Turkey.

The awards are assigned by prof. dr Nyagol Manolov, President of the Interdisciplinary Civil Academy.

Honorary diploma and Medal

Prof. Babić receive award from the President of ICA prof. Manolov

29/09/10 New issue of tribology in industry News Letter: September 2010.

10/02/10 New issue of tribology in industry News Letter: January 2010.

20/09/09 Participation of the serbian tribologist in the IV World Tribology Congress 2009, from 6 to 11 September 2009 in Kyoto, Japan.

Entrance to the Congress building in Kyoto

Opening of the Congress

12/06/09 Report from the 11th International Conference on Tribology - SERBIATRIB '09

The 11th International Conference on Tribology - SERBIATRIB 09 was held on May 13-15, 2009 in Belgrade, Serbia. The SERBIATRIB Conference is traditionally organized by the Serbian Tribology Society (STS) every two years, since 1989. This year the Conference was organized by the Serbian Tribology Society and the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The Proceedings of the Conference contains 405 pages, with all together 69 papers of authors from 19 countries (Austria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Iraq, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine and USA). Approximately 38 papers were submitted by the foreign authors and app. 31 papers by the Serbian authors. Most of the papers were written in english language (53) and the rest were in serbian language (16).

Selected papers from the Proceedings (19 papers) were undergone a standard peer review process and published in this special issues of two journals: FME Transactions, the Scientific Journal published by the Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Belgrade and Tribology in industry, the an official journal of the Serbian Tribology Society. A publications: "Serbian Tribology Society: History and Programme of Development" (in serbian) was also published and promoted during the Conference. This publications gives a short history of the Serbian Tribology Society, a review of the Society activities over the last 17 years, as well as the future trends and challenges that stands in front of the Society. An interesting thing within this publications is a reprint of a paper (just most interesting parts), one of the first written in serbian language, that speaks about machine parts wear. The original of the paper is printed in 1934, in a engineering journal: "Технички лист". As a Concomitant events of the Conference a Carpets Exhibition with tribological motives was also presented by the Lecturer Zeynep çavdar kaleli, from the Sakarya University, Fine Arts faculty (Turkey).

The Conference is financially supported by the Ministry of Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, CSM Instruments (Switzerland), Schaefer (Italy), Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Messer Tehnogas AD, Oil Rafinery Modriča (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Technology Transfer Center Hanover (Germany) and RAR Batajnica.

At the Conference there were 74 participants (35 from abroad and 39 from Serbia). All together 11 countries were deputized: Austria (3 participants), Bosnia and Herzegovina (6), Croatia (1), Germany (1), Greece (3), Italy (2), Romania (11), Serbia (39), Switzerland (1), Turkey (6) and USA (1). 44 papers were presented at the Conference through the Plenary lectures and 6 thematic sections (38 in english and 6 in serbian language).

On the third day of the Conference a Round Table"Waste oils in the Republic of Serbia" was held in the organization of Serbian Tribology Society, Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Oil and Gas Association of Serbia.

Prof. dr B. Ivković opens the Conference

Opening of the Round Table: Waste oils in the Republic of Serbia

Photograph from the Conference can be seen and downloaded from the following link (photographs).

20/02/09 New issue of tribology in industry News Letter: February 2009.

03/02/09 In memoriam: V. N. Constantinescu, ROMANIA

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of Romanian Tribology Association we are deeply grieved to announce that Professor V.N. Constantinescu, former President of Romanian Academy, passed away suddenly, on January 31, 2009, in Bucharest, at the age of 77.

Emanuel Diaconescu, Mircea D. Pascovici and Andrei Tudor (on behalf of them, Minodora Ripa).

20/06/07 Serbian Tribology Society and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade is organizing 11th International Conference on Tribology SERBIATRIB '09. The Conference will be held in Belgrade (Serbia), at the Mechanical Engineering Faculty, from 13 to 15 May 2009.

More info about the Conference on the webpage:

16/06/08 Participation of the serbian tribologist in the 6th International Conference on Tribology - BALKANTRIB '08, from 12-14 June 2008 in Sozopol, Bulgaria.

Prof. dr A. Rac held lecture on BALKANTRIB '08

A group of participants on BALKANTRIB '08 and tribological carpets

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