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STS, the Serbian Tribology Society, has been founded in 1992, and until 2007 it has been known as Yugoslav Tribology Society. Its members belong to universities, industries and research centres interested in tribological problems.


Serbian Tribology Society is a member of:

  • International Tribology Council, with its main office in London and

  • Balkan Tribological Association whose head office rotates every three years. Up to 2011, the head office was in Sofia (2 times), Thessaloniki, Bucharest, Kayseri and Kragujevac. From 2011 to 2014, it will be in Thessaloniki.

STS goals and aims are:

  • to increase the cooperation between universities and industries;

  • to contribute to the development of industrial technologies related to tribology;

  • to promote tribology with cultural and scientific activities, as seminars and courses;

  • to promote and maintain a network to divulge the STS activities;

  • to promote also international relations and exchanges.

Serbian Tribology Society office is in this building

STS Honorary President:

Prof. dr Branko Ivković

STS President:

Prof. dr Miroslav Babić

STS Vice presidents:

Prof. dr Aleksandar Rac

Prof. dr Slobodan Mitrović

Executive Board:

Prof. dr Miroslav Babić

Prof. dr Aleksandar Rac

Prof. dr Slobodan Mitrović

Prof. dr Dušan Stamenković

Prof. dr Aleksandar Vencl

Prof. dr Radivoje Mitrović

Prof. dr Branko Škorić

Prof. dr Branko Ivković

Doc. dr Blaža Stojanović

dr Fatima Živić


In the last two decade Serbian Tribology Society has gave attention to:

  • development and transfer of the tribological knowledge to the industry and other institution in Serbia;

  • publishing of books and journals and

  • R & D in different sector of tribology, particularly in tribometry and tribodiagnostic, lubricants and new tribomaterials.

The members of the Serbian Tribology Society realise, in collaboration with the industry, many practical and scientific programs that have been supported by the Serbian Government or corresponding international funds.

Member of:

International Tribology Council

Balkan Tribological Association



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